Our Services

Contact us & arrange a consultation, when we will give you advice on options, approximate costs etc.

  • We supply you with a written estimate for any proposed work.
  • When you want to proceed, call us again to arrange a detailed survey on your property from which architectural plans can be produced.
  • Plans are then returned for your approval and submitted to the local authority.
  • Cost, payment schedule and work timetable is agreed.
  • Work commences on your loft conversion. We arrange the relevant inspections as work progresses.
  • Sign off, once all the inspections have been approved by the authorities the project is signed off

Call For A Loft Conversion Consultation

We offer a FREE consultation which carries NO OBLIGATION. We do not employ sales people, but instead offer you genuine advice drawing on over 20 years experience specialising in loft design and build. An initial meeting can answer many of your questions such as:

  • The general feasibility of a loft conversion
  • Basic design ideas from staircase options to approximate sizing of potential room spaces
  • An estimate (subject to survey)
  • Timescale involved in taking your project from start to satisfactory completion.

Our customers are very important to us and we here at Loftworks understand that converting your loft is a very personal experience and allowing tradesmen into your home can be very daunting. Therefore our customer service team are always at hand to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Loftworks conversions are the specialists in the design and construction of loft conversions. We are highly skilled in the design and construction of staircases, dormers and Velux windows. We are not general builders. When it comes to opening up the extra space you need, loftworks has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer